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Hybrid Desi Special Pumpkin offers significantly higher yields than traditional desi varieties. It produces visually appealing, round to slightly elongated fruits with smooth skin. This early maturing variety (75-80 days) may resist common diseases and adapts well to various conditions. The sweet, deep orange flesh boasts excellent culinary qualities, making it ideal for various dishes.

Category: Hybrid Seed
Sub Category: Hybrid Vegetable Seeds
Weight: 20g
Unit: Gram
Package Type: Packet
Maximum Yield Time: Nil
Stock: In Stock
Available Qty: 100


Hybrid Desi Special Pumpkin, also known as Paithe, is a high-performing desi pumpkin variety known for its:

  • High Yield Potential: This hybrid boasts the potential for significantly higher pumpkin production compared to traditional desi pumpkin varieties. This translates to increased profitability for farmers.
  • Improved Fruit Quality: The fruits are typically round to slightly elongated with smooth, blemish-free skin, offering a visually appealing product that fetches better market prices.
  • Disease Resistance: Hybrid Desi Special Pumpkin may possess enhanced resistance to common pumpkin diseases like powdery mildew and fungal infections, potentially reducing crop losses and the need for excessive pesticide application.
  • Early Maturity: This variety matures faster than some traditional desi pumpkins, often within 75-80 days after sowing. This allows for multiple harvests within a season and makes it suitable for various planting windows.
  • Adaptability: Hybrid Desi Special Pumpkin demonstrates good adaptability to different growing conditions, making it a potential choice for farmers in various regions with varying climates.
  • Excellent Culinary Qualities: The flesh is known for its deep orange color, rich flavor, and sweetness, making it ideal for various culinary uses in traditional dishes.

Overall, Hybrid Desi Special Pumpkin offers a combination of high yield potential, improved fruit quality, disease resistance, early maturity, adaptability, and excellent culinary attributes. This makes it a promising choice for both home gardeners and commercial pumpkin growers seeking a high-performing and versatile desi pumpkin variety.


Product code SKU: 31
Weight 20g/Gram
Packing Packet

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