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Choose long, slender bottle gourds with uniform shape and smooth, light green skin. Ideal lengths range from 30-50 cm with a diameter of 8-10 cm for good flesh thickness. Avoid misshapen, discolored, or insect-damaged gourds. Select firm gourds with a slight yield at the stem end, indicating freshness.

Category: Seed
Sub Category: Vegetable Seeds
Weight: 100g
Unit: Gram
Package Type: Packet
Maximum Yield Time: Nil
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Bottle gourds, also known as lauki or lamdba kaddu, come in various shapes and sizes, with long varieties offering unique culinary advantages. Here's a guide to choosing the best long bottle gourds:

Shape and Size:

  • Look for long, slender gourds with a uniform shape and smooth skin. Avoid any misshapen or bumpy fruits.
  • Ideal lengths typically range from 30-50 cm, depending on the specific variety.
  • Choose gourds with a diameter of 8-10 cm for optimal flesh thickness.

Skin Appearance:

  • Select gourds with a vibrant, light green skin that is free of blemishes, discoloration, or insect damage.
  • A slightly waxy coating on the skin indicates freshness.
  • Avoid gourds with dull skin, yellowing, or visible signs of decay.


  • Gently press the stem end of the gourd. It should be slightly firm but yield to slight pressure.
  • Overly hard stems indicate immaturity, while soft stems suggest overripeness.
  • Choose gourds that feel heavy for their size, indicating a good amount of water content.

Additional Considerations:

  • Specific varieties may have unique characteristics like disease resistance or extended shelf life. Researching the chosen variety can be beneficial.
  • If buying pre-cut gourds, ensure the flesh is firm, white, and free of browning or sliminess.

By following these selection tips, you can choose long bottle gourds that are fresh, flavorful, and perfect for various culinary uses. Remember, fresh and high-quality bottle gourds offer the best taste and nutritional value.


Product code SKU: 36
Weight 100g/Gram
Packing Packet

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