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Hybrid Bottle Gourd Nayab F1 Bulb Kaddu



Rs:650Rs:550 /Gram

Hybrid Bottle Gourd F1 boasts high yields compared to traditional varieties. It offers resistance to common diseases and matures early, allowing for multiple harvests. The consistent bulbous shape enhances its culinary appeal, while the tender flesh makes it a delicious and versatile ingredient.

Category: Hybrid Seed
Sub Category: Hybrid Vegetable Seeds
Weight: 100Gram
Unit: Gram
Package Type: Packet
Maximum Yield Time: Nil
Stock: In Stock
Available Qty: 100


Hybrid Bottle Gourd F1, also known as Bulb Kaddu, offers several advantages over traditional bottle gourd varieties. Here's why it's a popular choice:

Enhanced Yield Potential: Compared to open-pollinated bottle gourds, hybrid F1 varieties often produce significantly more fruits, maximizing crop production and potentially increasing profits.

Improved Disease Resistance: These hybrids frequently boast resistance to common bottle gourd diseases like powdery mildew and downy mildew, protecting your crop and minimizing potential losses.

Faster Maturity: Quicker harvest times compared to traditional varieties allow for faster market turnaround and potentially multiple cropping seasons within a year.

Consistent Shape: Hybrid F1 bottle gourds tend to produce fruits with a more uniform bulbous shape, making them ideal for specific culinary uses and enhancing visual appeal.

Excellent Eating Quality: The flesh of these gourds is often known for its tenderness and mild flavor, making it a delicious and versatile ingredient in various dishes.

Overall, Hybrid Bottle Gourd F1 offers a combination of high yields, disease resistance, early maturity, consistent shape, and superior eating quality, making it a valuable choice for both home and commercial growers seeking a productive and delicious bottle gourd variety.


Product code SKU: 40
Weight 100Gram/Gram
Packing Packet

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